How To Stay Motivated Living The Creative Life

Freedom Fridays! – Staying Motivated

Freedom Fridays are all about your Creative side. Finding it, unleashing it, and maintaining it. We all have a creative side which manifests itself in many forms. Perhaps you love writing music and playing an instrument, or singing, or painting and drawing. Perhaps you are a poet, or a novelist or screenwriter. Maybe there’s an architect, landscape artist, chef, or fashion designer in you waiting to emerge.

Figuring out what fires you up, what you love, is the easy part. The tricky part, which stops most of us from allowing our creative side to guide us, is determining whether or not our creative wish is important enough a dream to pursue as a career. Some of us just shrug and think of the bills that won’t get paid, and the limited time available for such pursuits. The thing is, that creative side, which you have, brings you joy. Most of the time, your life’s purpose is tied to the creative, and to ignore that spark, is to ignore an integral part of you. Even if you are unable to make a career out it, it’s worth it pursuing that passion as a hobby.

For those of us who know where our creative side leads us and are bravely following our dreams, some days can be tough and slumps and blocks occur due to various reasons. On days like those we doubt what’s in our hearts and wonder if we’re just wasting time. I have days like that myself, some quite recently in fact and I wondered about the choice I made to open my own studio. I worried about the many obstacles and tons of things to get done, and deadlines to meet and then the inevitable panic set it. About that time I read a blogpost by a very talented and generous artist who had found her spark and is keeping it lit. Her blogpost that day listed ten tips on how to stay motivated while following our dream, and honouring our creative side. Her list helped me and maybe it will help you too:

How To Stay Motivated Living The Creative Life
1. Know WHY you are doing what you choose to do . . . . (write it out if you need to)
2. Remember how much it has taken for you to get this far, it’s a slow build and you can’t/don’t want to give up (so don’t!)
3. Remember that it’s your life’s purpose (and you are making choices every step of the way)
4. By sharing what you do you are assisting/supporting/inspiring others (and no doubt giving permission too πŸ™‚
5. Question: do you want to live with regret? (by not doing what you do)
6. If you didn’t do it, what would be doing instead? (would you want to be doing ‘that’ instead?)
7. The world would be a duller place if you played it safe and didn’t do what you really yearn to do
8. You are listening to your heart and there is no better thing to do πŸ™‚
9. Life is not the same without dreams to chase – keep your dreams and chase them gently or chase them hard – it’s up to you
10. It’s NEVER too later to start living a creative life you dream of, if you haven’t already – start today! (take one step)

The link to her wonderful blog is here: 101 Bird Tales: Experiments In Creative Living and Art
Thank you Amelia.



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