The Creative Source

Freedom Fridays! When we learn to see with the eyes of the creative itself, every moment is an opportunity for new expression.

Excerpt from Fingerpainting On The Moon by Peter Levitt:

One story of the beginning of the universe that I have always loved comes from mystical Judaic sources. It says that as you stand beneath a midnight sky and gaze into the heavens, each of the countless stars above you and the entire dark fabric of night in this never-ending shimmer dance of black and white before your eyes carries within it a spark of the original Creator. It tells us that at the beginning of creation itself, a lit ember of the Divine was sewn like a stitch into every element that makes up this quilt of night and stars.

As you stand in the presence of this illuminated sky that is at once familiar and mysterious, it is very easy to believe this is so. But the story does not stop there. The tradition holds that this ember, this creative spark of the Divine, is not reserved solely for the marvels seen in the heavens at night — the spinning planets, the shooting stars; all things of the universe, including ourselves, are vessels that carry the creative spark. The hidden stitch of light sewn into the fabric of all life is part of who and what we are.

This teaching of the universality of creative sparks implies that whether we are answering the telephone, changing the baby, riding the subway, or writing a poem, we are in touch with the creative source of life itself. Everything we encounter provides the same opportunity for us to meet the creative source: the play of early morning sunlight on our eyelids, the smooth cloth of the pillowcase beneath our cheek, the cutting of carrots and celery. But we must remember that being in touch with the creative is not just a matter of what we come upon as we move through our day. It is right here, the teaching says, in ourselves. When we learn to see with the eyes of the creative itself, every moment is an opportunity for new expression. We are always standing at a gateway of awe.

Freedom Fridays are all about your Creative side. Finding it, unleashing it, and maintaining it. We all have a creative side which manifests itself in many forms. Perhaps you love writing music and playing an instrument, or singing, or painting and drawing. Perhaps you are a poet, or a novelist or screenwriter. Maybe there’s an architect, landscape artist, chef, or fashion designer in you waiting to emerge.


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