Happiness Jar 2014

Happiness JarIt’s not too late to start your own Happiness Jar for 2014.  Grab a jar or box of your choice and some notepaper and if you can, at the end of each day, write down one thing that made you happy, or inspired or moved you, and put it into the jar.

There are no rules to this. Your notes can be as varied as:

“I finally joined the gym.”

“The sky was an amazing blue today.”

“I caught up with an old friend.”

“I kicked ass at that presentation.”

“I had the house to myself for four hours today.”

You can use and jar, box, scrapbook, notepaper, post-it notes, scrap paper. Being a huge fan of rainbows, I chose to dedicate this Rainbow notebook I received as a Christmas present from my little nephew to my ‘Moments That Made Me Happy’ notes.

At the end of 2014 or whenever you find yourself having a bad day, pull out those notes, have a cup of tea or coffee and relive those special moments. It’s a guaranteed way to gain some perspective on your life and to realize how much we really do have.

Have you ever created a Happiness Jar before? We welcome any tips and suggestions and would love to hear all about it.


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