what are you so afraid of?

why are you feeling scared?

what’s the worst that’s gonna happen?

Every now and then we all hold ourselves back when we know we shouldn’t, out of fear mostly. Fear of the unknown, fear of leaving a ‘comfort’ zone, fear of opening ourselves up to love, fear of getting hurt, fear of failure. These fears fill our minds and stop us from moving forward, toward new adventures. They take up so much space in our minds and hearts, and leave little room for appreciating what we do have and what we do know, and even less room for hope and promise.

I first heard this song about a year ago in the film, happythankyoumoreplease, and to me, the lyrics are about being open and brave and not tossing in the towel just yet. The film had a decent, unassuming story which I liked simply because the characters are trying to find their way through life like everyone else, bungling and bumbling, like everyone else, fearing life, like everyone else. Yet they managed to find reserves of strength and faith when they let go of fear and allowed themselves to appreciate what they already had and welcomed all they could have.

So let’s give this a try: the next time you find yourself allowing fear to hold you back, instead of focusing on that the things that scare you, how about taking a few moments to focus on what already have. By making a mental checklist of what you are happy about and thankful for, you just might discover that you already have the faith to hope and the courage to go after what you want and what you deserve.


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