Philosophy In Art

One day, during my Introductory Painting class,  I was working on thumbnail sketches for my very first original composition. Using what I’d learned about perspective, the rule of thirds, and leading the eye, I put pencil to paper to layout a seascape. By my third sketch I saw more or less what I had in mind but something was just a little off. I studied all the details closely but could not figure out what to do.

Philosphy in Art

As I examined all the various bits in detail, my teacher glanced at my sketches and suggested I move two small rocks by a fraction of an inch. It was like magic! All the elements seemed more in harmony with each other. Delighted I remarked to my fellow tablemates that we were learning about Life in art class:

Sometimes, instead of studying all the elements too closely, if we step back and change one seemingly small detail, everything else falls into place.


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